Friend-SHIPS Sail

Friend-SHIPS Sail”

Friend-SHIPS often begin to sail ,

Far away to no avail.

On the horizon, losing sight,

All alone, into the night. 

Friend-SHIPS sail on open seas,

Trying to swim against the breeze.

Sun rays dancing, blinding eyes,

Losing sight and speaking lies. 

Friend-SHIPS sail for treasures afar,

Leaving gold for a plastic jar.

Fighting waves, as big storms brew,

Lightning strikes into the blue. 

Friend-SHIPS sail as sharks smell blood,

Keep afloat, as tears will flood.

Friend-SHIPS sail, try not to sink, 

Eyes are sad, try not to blink. 

Seagulls dancing, flying high,

Swooping in, eyes start to cry. 

Dripping tears in the undertow,

Collecting under the moonlit glow.

Friend-SHIPS sail,

For they’ll be no more, 

As I watch them disappear

From the lonely shore.

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