I loved you in a time that now seems ancient.

It was a forbidden love to the world.

But we said the world didn’t matter.

It was a pure love that no one could comprehend.

But our love is what tore us apart!

It competed against us like a game we didn’t know how to play.

It was so strong, so true, that it couldn’t be explained.

But an explanation should not be required for love.

To the unknowing eye, it was corrupt.

But in our hearts, it was the only thing that seemed right.

We swore to never let the world and all its hatred seep in.

All its wicked, jealous, devious ways.

All the ways in which the world would not let us have peace.

It would not allow us to be free in our innocence.

It lived to destroy our tranquility.

And it succeeded.

Tainted minds could not understand the virtue of our love.

The world turned something beautiful into something to be scorned.

But, maybe it was me.

Maybe I cared too much about what the world thought?

You loved me when no one else did.

You allowed me to pour my soul into you.

Your ears devoured my words and let them sink into your heart.

You gave me strength when my bones were frail.

You were the rock that my waves crashed against.

Never moving.

Always steady.

And I let it go.

I was your beloved.

We adored each other with fire in our souls.

It kept us warm when the earth was frozen in time.

You wrapped my love around your heart.

It was not the physical that connected us,

It was the interlacing of our spirits.

The way our spirits danced to the heavens and the earth went still.

You could feel me, and I could feel you.

We would sit by the water in silence, just to be in each other’s presence.

You would run your fingers through my silk and wipe away years of pain.

You were a warrior. You were not afraid like I was.

You would drink from my garden of lilies and be satisfied.

I asked you to hold my heart in your hands, and you did.

And yet you only have a fragment left of what I gave you.

I hope that you keep hold of that small piece, to remember what we shared:

A sweet vapor in time that faded like the early morning fog.

Time wasn’t enough. It was never on our side.

I hope you know I’m sorry for ripping away when you tried to hold on.

Sometimes I can still feel you when I close my eyes.

Maybe it was not meant to be in this lifetime,

And someday, when our spirits are free to soar, we will be together again.

I promise.



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